Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Have I mentioned what a great family I have?

Of course, I am incredibly blessed by my fabulous husband and wonderful kids, but beyond that I also have an incredible extended family and in-laws. They have all embraced Reagan as if she were blood, and have celebrated her homecoming with great enthusiasm. Since we really didn’t need a baby shower (3rd child, 2nd girl – we already had just about everything necessary), practical me intended to host an open house a few weeks after we got home just to introduce Reagan to everyone. However, my sister had other plans! Together with a few other family members and friends, she organized a surprise shower for us, complete with a Target money tree – how fun! I was too busy enjoying myself to take pictures, but I’ll testify that they did a beautiful job, complete with gorgeous roses and a real live tree to compliment our still-rather-bare yard. Since then we’ve had a great time at our favorite store buying some of the less-necessary but more-fun items for our new addition. Thank you to everyone who has made this non-traditional birth just as much of an event as a “normal” one. We are so blessed!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have a family like that, it's wonderful to be loved!! Your daughter is so sweet!!! Hopefully, we'll see her one day. P.S. If you get to the fountain between services this sunday, you can see our daughter!!! Love, Lori

Tony & Kirsten said...

I've so enjoyed seeing the pictures of your newly expanded family! And, how wonderful that the whole family can enjoy this special time together. You do have a great family! Praise the Lord!