Monday, September 10, 2007

Undistracted worship

We are blessed to attend an incredible church with intense, Bible-based preaching, sweet fellowship, beautiful and uplifting worship, and innumerable other strengths, not the least of which is a lovely outdoor patio. It is from that patio that we have participated in those precious services over the past several months. We are able to hear the sermons and sing along with the congregation, while at the same time caring for a baby girl still bonding to her parents and a little boy enduring a lot of life changes. It is a great set-up and carries the added bonus of exposure to the southern California sunshine. However, it clearly is not the ideal way to worship. Yesterday marked our first Sunday inside the worship center since May, childless and undistracted. Reagan has transitioned seamlessly to the nursery and seems to really enjoy playing around kids more her size (though she’s still the smallest by far!). Parker had a difficult time saying good-bye, but quickly settled in to his class and said he had a good time. God has been so good to provide men and women who really love our kids, and I have no doubt that they are well-cared for in our absence. I hadn’t realized quite how much I had missed, however, until I sat down in a pew and found I was quite emotional. Sitting there worshipping along with so many other people passionate about my Savior is a privilege I often take for granted, but appreciated with a new fervor yesterday. So today I am still praising God for a great church with equally fabulous childcare!

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clyde said...

i completely agree that they are well cared for.

it's first few weeks of us back inside too!