Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where’s Parker?

While it’s a fun game mid-afternoon when I can here the giggles from behind the door, it’s not so fun at 5am. This morning when Dan went in to kiss the kids before leaving for work, Parker was not in his bed. He did a frantic run around the house before waking me to join the search. We quickly located him in Alyssa’s bed, but not without a lot of serious heart pounding. As you can see, he’s snuggled in next to his sister, close enough to the wall that he was not easily visible from ground level. For reasons I was unable to gather from my little guy, he awoke sometime between my 11pm bedtime and Dan’s 5am wake-up time. He proceeded to hunt down a banned pacifier, help himself to a snack (a very crumbly granola bar), change into his favorite undies, and climb up into Alyssa’s top bunk. He’s never done anything like this before, and I pray will never pull a stunt like this again - this mama’s heart can’t take it! But don’t they look sweet together? Even with the your-flash-is-too-bright-mama scrunched-up face!

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Anonymous said...

looking to get some of sisters pu--y