Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking news!

From the sounds of our newscasts since noon yesterday, you'd think there was an actual crisis in LA. That is, until you look up from your laptop and watch a video clip of perfectly tidy mini-mart shelves looped to play over and over again, peppered with periodic shots of a solitary brick-strewn ally, presumably to document the earthquake's "devastation." I am grateful that it was only strong enough to make me think one of the children had bumped into the back of my beach chair, that it prompted Dan to finally pay for earthquake insurance on our new home, that the news provided a genuine belly-laugh for our family, and that we live in a city where "storm watch" means the sun will be clouded over for at least part of the day, "heat watch" means the temperatures might hit the low 1oo's, and "breaking news" rarely is.

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