Monday, July 14, 2008

Cute, but why?

Alyssa's kindergarten graduation is old news by now, but since my parents are out of town and missing their grandbabies I thought I'd post a few photos. The ceremony was pretty cute and Alyssa took the job of sign-holder for one of the musical numbers very seriously, but I still don't quite grasp the point of it all. Why is the promotion from pre-school, kindergarten, 6th, and 8th grade a bigger cause for celebration than 1st through 5th or 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th grades? Are children who will end up repeating kindergarten excluded from the pomp and circumstance? Questions I don't think I'll get answered... but we had a great time, clapped and cheered with the best of them and completed the celebration with a Happy Meal lunch!


kimi said...

Mikayla had cap and gown. seriously. it was insane. Kindergarten was costly. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've never fully grasped all the graduations either. High school and college sure, but I could do without the others. Alyssa sure is a cute grad though! :)