Friday, July 11, 2008

Three little fishies

Most of our evenings lately have been spent in the pool, and all three kids seem to be sprouting gills! Our usually-cautious Alyssa has become very comfortable even in the deep end, and easily swims to the shallow end and back. Daring little Parker is now swimming across the narrower length and will likely be holding his own against his big sister soon. And Reagan... well it's hard to imagine that she never even saw a bathtub in the first third of her life. It's a little scary how happy she is to be underwater! When not snuggling in her towel she's jumping in the pool and floating around waiting for a rescue, with never a cough or a cry. Tonight she started squating at the edge in the way that only asian-made bodies can, stretching her arms out, and diving in. It's been fun and we're glad that summer is not yet even half over!


Anonymous said...

Fun!! Glad you are enjoying the summer weather.

Rebecca Pierce said...

Isn't summer all year there? I think it is by NW standards, anyway. We'd be jumping in the pool at the first sign of sixty degrees!