Monday, July 28, 2008

You know your grandparents love you

when they're willing to take you camping - no parents allowed! Between fishing, the waterpark, smores, playground and a lot of dirt, the the three biggest grandchildren all had a blast. Papa and Tilly insist they had fun too, but admitted that the tent is out and a tent-trailer is in for next summer's trip... can't say I blame them!


Willis said...

Your kids will have some really good memories when they look back on their childhood! I love checking in on your blog to see what all the kids are doing.

Heather (Rocco's mom)

michelle said...

glad to see you have pics - I am still in need of these! Ellie keeps talking about the "jacket bugs" - they sure did have a great time!!!!

Anonymous said...

We most certainly had the BEST time...and can't wait for next year!!! The FUN was spending 3 days and 2 nights with 3 of our dearest and most adorable grandchildren....who wouldn't absolutely LOVE that!!!
Thank you parents for trusting us with your most precious gems...we were blessed to be able to take them....
Thanks for ALL the memories...we can't wait to make more!!!
Love, Tilly