Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leavin' on a jetplane

The girls are going to Seattle for the weekend! I'm hoping to see something like this:
but I'm more likely to see something like this:
The forcast is calling for snow, so we'll have our fun in the downtown shops, restaurants and the Messiah! Yep, for my birthday a few weeks ago my mom tracked down tickets. Nevermind that we have to travel 1100 miles to get there, I can't wait!
Pray for Dan. He'll be alone with all three kids for three days (a first I think). I have a feeling Grandma T will be in great demand. They'll have a blast and I'm already prepared for dirty little bodies and a messy home when I return!


Heather said...

Have fun!!!

Rebecca Pierce said...

Yes, you did get the snowy Seattle, right? It's much prettier than that picture you posted though!