Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our own little band

Yet another fun Christmas present! Two years ago Danny's brother and sister-in-law bought Parker (or was it Alyssa?) a drum, accordian, and kazoo. The cashier at Target said to them "some mother is going to love you!"and I have to admit I groaned a little when the package was opened. But as it so often goes, the kids have loved them and we've grown to appreciate their performances too. (At least instruments stop making noise when the kids stop playing - a characteristic I wish I could say holds true for all of their toys.) So we gladly welcomed a few additions to their collection this week: a drum set, a real guitar, a harmonica, and a slew of other rythym instruments, courtesy of their aunts and uncles. As you can see, the band members are thoroughly enjoying their generosity. And don't worry - we'll be sure to return the favor to our young neices and nephews in years to come!

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