Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One of THOSE parents

I've always chuckled a little at the Student of the Month bumper stickers that seem to be everywhere. Are they on every other car in your neighborhood too? Maybe it's just a suburban thing. Just how many students of the month can there be? Well, it turns out there are 7 for the month of December, just in the 1st grade - one for every class. Presumably it's the same for every other grade, in every other elementary school. Adds up to a lot of "special" kids! But this month, one of those honored children is mine, and I have to say that I'm quite proud. If not for dark tint on our rear windows and a car-guy for a husband, I think I might even be proclaiming her acheivement on my truck. But instead I'll brag on her here! As you can see Alyssa was singled out for her "responsibility" in the classroom. Reading is great and math facts are important, but if I have to choose, I'm grateful for a daughter who is recognized for her respect towards authority and consideration of her peers. She brings so much joy to our home that it's fun to see that the other people she spends a great deal of her waking hours with also appreciate our special girl!

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Tilly said...

I have to admit...that those "other" bumper stickers were never that impressive to me...but if I could get my hands on one...I'd PROUDLY display it on MY vehicle!!!
But...bumper sticker or not...I know how special Alyssa is!!!
Just happy that her class and school have seen her wonderful qualities.
We love you Alyssa...
PS...but I would REALLY LOVE to have a "you know what"!!!!