Sunday, May 10, 2009

Officially a PTA mom?

So completing a diorama on Mother's Day must be a check-mark on a "real mom" list somewhere, right? I'm sure you're all impressed with my artistic ability. Just tell me, what exactly is a first-grader supposed to learn from "helping" a parent assemble such a masterpiece?


Anonymous said...

This looks suspiciously similar to a painting that took you an entire semester to complete in high school. Very cute.
Love, Mom

Heather M. said...

this is my main gripe about public school....all of the projects that the moms "get to do". seriously teachers, I have plenty to do already...last year I got to build two pueblos...from cardboard, sticks, pebbles & fun. It's cute flamingos none-the-less!

Happy Mothers Day!
Heather M.

Willis said...

That's a great question. I'm a public school teacher and I wonder the same thing myself. I guess it ensures that some of our kids actually do get some parent-kid time. Of course with your family, you do a great job of spending time with the kids already. Cute diorama though!