Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What else?

17 nights alone... did you think I wouldn't be painting? While Danny was in Malawi last year, I passed the time with a paintbrush. By the time he returned I had painted all the common areas in our home. But do you think I've painted since then? Not so much. I guess you could say that Danny is just that entertaining. Now that he's away again, I've struck up the old friendship and my Purdy and I have been getting along swimmingly. We've tackled Alyssa and Reagan's room - with help, of course - and it is now a soft shade of pink (Parker calls it "strawberry yogurt"). Next we had a little fun with stripes in Parker's room, mimicking the cherished schooner we wrestled home from Vietnam. Finally, today I finished the guest room, which turned out quite well considering the mixing games I played with leftovers to come up with the final colors. Now if I could just drag myself up to the master bath to finish cutting in (a project Danny and I started together on a whim several months ago), every wall in the house will be complete!

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Anonymous said...

Great Job!!! You continue to amaze me.