Sunday, May 20, 2007

Do Alyssa and Parker miss us, you ask? Well, just read through this diary of events sent to us by my mother-in-law (Tilly to the kids) and draw your own conclusions:

I have a minute... the children haven't woken up yet. They have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable.
Thought you might like to see what we have been doing over this past week.
Night One:
Painted their 1st picture with our new easel.
Had our 1st Golden Spoon of their stay (a favorite frozen yogurt shop)
Day One:
Woke up, had breakfast (colored cereal)
Painted their 2nd picture
Went to visit a friend
Went to the pool and had a picnic at the pool.
Came home, read a story and went right down for naps.
Up, baths and ready for Aunt Jacque's 60th Birthday Bash.

Day Two:
Cousins Ellie, Lily and Auntie Michelle came for breakfast
Went garage sale buying...and buy we did
Alyssa’s favorite was a fanny belt hat she has worn EVERYWHERE. It is quite the fashion statement… I'm sure that it will catch on anytime now.
Then it was onto a little lunch at McDonald's and of course a toy...the first I'm sure of the entire collection of Shrek characters. At this writing they have TWO, Donkey and Shrek, who makes very "inappropriate" noises....
No painting today!!!! Just naps, dinner, baths and bed
Best part of Day Two? unanimously...the Garage BUYING.

Day Three:
Up VERY early for church (at least for Tilly) and we actually made it to church by 8:25am. Parker was #10 on the roster - not as good as you guys, but I was impressed.
After Church we went over to see Uncle Peter at his fire station. Parker took his first (of many) falls from on top of the rock he had climbed.
Naps...and dinner with Grammie Great and cousins at the Greek restaurant for Mom's day.
Dessert was at Auntie Shell's house, then cousin Ellie came home with us (so that Alyssa didn't have to sleep in her bed all by herself!!!)

Day Four: Monday.
Pancakes were ordered and delivered (Sleeping Beauty and Ariel).
Painting, of course.
Then to the Pool and a picnic.
The usual afternoon, then dinner and a treat (Golden Spoon again!!!)
Papa didn't come with us and Parker said, "why doesn't Papa EVER come with us...that's SO sad."

Day Five:
Just colored cereal for breakfast...and then off to meet friends and cousins at Kidspace in Pasadena.
For dinner we walked (Parker RAN...of course) to a favorite restaurant then a stop at the Park on the way home.
Best Part of the Day: the spooky, Dahk tunnel at Kidspace.
Parker has decided that Kidspace would be a GWEAT when you're ready to let them loose (which probably won't be TOO soon) Parker and I know where we want to go on ouw date!!! then he always finishes a great idea with...."how bout dat?"

Day Six: Wednesday
Woke up...breakfast, then off to DISNEYLAND with more friends and cousins.
Best Ride: Buzz Lightyear
Home by 10:15....not TOO bad!!!

Day Seven: Thursday..
Will be a SLOW day....maybe a little digging out....probably Costco for dinner.....they're busy watching morning "children shows".!!!!

As you can see we are NOT having any fun. They have been SO good....and I Do make them behave and eat....really I do. We have had absolutely NO problems at bedtime, naptime or meals.

They have a date to sleepover with Auntie Sasa on Sunday night so they are excited about that. I'm not sure Dad and I will know what to do with a quiet house, but they'll be back on Monday, full of energy. And that's a good thing as I still have MANY things to do....such as:
Go watch Uncle Peter surf.
Go fishing
Go to the Grove and ride the Trolley and the dolly “hospital.”
Hit some more Garage Sales
More painting, more Golden Spoon and adding to our Shrek collection!!!

I am LOVING every minute of our Special time together. They are absolutely the BEST!!!!
Love you guys...and can't wait to meet little Reagan,


Don't I have fabulous in-laws?! Alyssa and Parker are never going to want us to come home - they'll be so bored with our normal, quiet life. At least they'll have a new live "dolly" to play with!


Dianna said...

How funny! They're having their own 'vacation' without you. Kids adapt so well! Too bad it's not so easy for mommies :)

Willis said...

What a great time they're having! That's so cool that every day they get to have a new adventure! I'm sure this makes leaving them back in America a little more bearable!

Heather in SC

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a terrific time they must be having! They are going to want you to leave the country more often. ;)

Julie said...

That's great they are having a fun time.

Grandparents really are the best!!!

Leigh said...

You are so blessed to have this love and support within your family!

Funny, my parents went to Europe for three weeks every summer while I was young. My brother and I spent the time with grandparents and cousins. I have fabulous memories..Alyssa and Parker will too!

kimi said...

Hi Laura! Niki shared your site with me. I'm so excited for you guys! Reagan is amazing!

Can I go stay with Tilly? This sounds like the greatest week ever!

Congrats and God bless!