Saturday, May 12, 2007

We’re here!!! It still seems very surreal, but we’re actually, finally in Vietnam, and tomorrow we will meet Reagan! Our flight was as smooth as could be expected. We were able to sleep quite a bit and so far haven’t been too affected by jet lag. The other families from our agency had two flights before the long haul, so we felt very fortunate having only about 24 hours of total travel time.
We arrived just in time for lunch, which we enjoyed at the Highland Coffee shop, chosen primarily because of its american-ish food (way too hungry to be adventurous!) and its proximity to our hotel (ie – didn’t involve braving any crosswalks). We explored the mall, which includes a great grocery store (plenty of familiar snacks for those of you traveling soon!) and (the strangest part I thought) – an entire aisle, both sides, devoted entirely to Top Ramen. Then my mom and I treated ourselves to the best manicure/pedicure/massage I’ve ever had. 5 women worked on us non-stop for over an hour and half for less than the price I’d pay for a quick pedi alone at home. We really do feel rich here! Dinner was at the Rex, adjacent to the famous rooftop garden. We took a quick peak of the sites from there, but will save the rest of our Saigon adventures for next week.
I’m now doing my best to stay awake long enough to be able to call home. It’s not yet 7am there, but I’m fading quickly and Dan is already out cold. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for me about leaving Alyssa and Parker! My last post expressed the worst of it, and I’ve been doing surprisingly well since then. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since “the effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much” (James 5:16), but I really did expect to be a bit of a basket case. It helped that the kids were not the least bit sad to see us go. In fact, they were literally pushing us out the door in excitement over all that their grandparents, aunts and uncles have planned for them. I have no doubt that they’ll have a fabulous time without us, and by this time tomorrow I’ll be occupied with memories of meeting our third precious baby. Tomorrow I’ll try to post again from our beautiful hotel on the South China Sea, only miles away from Reagan!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I'm so glad you made it safe and sound. I can't wait to hear all about Reagan!!!!

Julie said...

SO WONDERFUL Laura!! I didn't expect to see any new posts when I checked your blog, but am so excited that you can write updates and that your flights went well. We were in Palm Springs with Sarah & Brian and thought of you all during your long flights! I'm SOOO excited for you for tomorrow! Can't wait to read more!! =) Julie Long

Nadra said...

Big sigh of relief Laura. I'm glad that leaving Alyssa and Parker was easier than you expected. Can't wait to see pictures of Reagan in your arms.

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Heather said...

I'm glad to hear you arrived and are doing well. Tomorrow's the big day and I'm so excited for you! What a great way to spend Mother's Day. Hey, you and I may spend it is a similar a tired daze. We aren't getting much sleep around here!