Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well, the great news of yesterday has quickly vanished into thin air. Despite our agency’s repeated insistence that we would probably be able to come home Friday, and their direct and repeated confirmation of that “fact” this morning by their Vietnam staff, we alas do NOT have an appointment with the Embassy until Friday. Which means, we’re stuck! Clearly a communication issue, but my goodness, we paid great money to have an English-speaker to hold our hand over here. Everyone at Dillon seems to think that we should just be thrilled that we have a healthy baby and that we’re coming home earlier than planned. Fine. Of course. I love my daughter and I’m overjoyed to be her mama. But… they should have kept their mouths shut. Don’t assure me that I’ll be able to see ALL of my kids on Friday when you don’t know that for certain. Don’t expect me to be happy about sitting in Hanoi through Memorial Day weekend they told me I would be in California.
Can you tell that I’m bitter? I’ll probably take this post down in the morning when I’m a little less upset, but I haven’t even been able to eat tonight, and for those of you who know me personally – that’s really saying something.
So please pray. Pray that by some miracle we might be able to get out of here on Friday, and that either way I might be able to (again!) see God’s hand in this process and trust Him Who is far more powerful than any government or agency.


Anonymous said...

That end stretch in Vietnam is just as hard as that end stretch right before travel when no one better screw with you or there will be mighty hell to pay! I understand your frustration. It is like dangling a carror in front of your nose only to toss it away at the last minute. I think agencies forget the desparation of wanting to get home to the rest of our families. Hang in there. I know you must miss your family so much. You will be home in no time!

LaLa said...

Sorry for the disappointment. You are right...it would be fine to stay the weekend if they hadn't assured you you'd be home. Try to enjoy Hanoi (hey, more time to shop) and hopefully you will be home very soon. I know you miss your other little ones terribly.

Elizabeth said...


I admire your honesty and encourage you to keep this post. It's refreshing!

I am praying as you asked.

Hang in there!

clyde said...

I'm sorry to hear of this. We will pray. I also admire your honesty with this. You and Dan are heroes to us!

Anonymous said...

Oh Girl... well I have been there, literally.
When they told us we had to stay an extra 7 days in VN, my anxiety started creeping up, BUT the good news is that our last week in Hanoi was our very best week.

You will see Gods Faithful Hand!

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Laura -

Maybe a trip to the beach is in order!!! God has this funny way of putting us in the situations that we least wanted to be in for the best reasons. I believe that He is going to allow you an experience this week that will be invaulable later as you raise Reagan. Remember, those kiddos are loving their grandparent time too! :)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps God's hand in all of this is to give you additional opportunity to further experience the land and culture of your daughter.

Nadra said...

Laura....hang in there. I can't imagine your feelings. I'll be praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...
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