Thursday, August 16, 2007

1st Day of School

Here you see one very excited Kindergartner and one very sad brother, aka. keeper of the tissues. Alyssa had a great time, but the rest of us were more than a little emotional. The worst part is, she had to go back today! Did you know this isn't just a one-time event? They go to school day, after day, after day. Parker and I are already counting down the hours until noon, and the days until next summer. Thankfully, at least Reagan is just her happy, bubbly self!


Willis said...

They do grow up on us. Your family is a beautiful one and I know you're sad to see your little girl grow up too soon. At least you have 2 still at home to keep you busy. I love reading your updates and seeing your pictures.

Heather (Rocco's mom)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you guys so much this week, wondering how it all went. Thanks for sharing pictures! She is so precious, I bet she loves school already!

kimi said...

I see Margie! how fun! what a wonderful BIG DAY! thanks for sharing! She's got GREAT eyelashes! holy smokes.

Crystal said...

ooh my goodness Laura!!!! I am first time commenter!! I should have commented long before now!!! We have sooo much in common! We too our born again saved Christians and in love with Jesus!!!! I will be the mom of three --soon! We are adopting again from Guatemala! I have a biological son who is five and starting kindergarten and I too am soooo very weepy!!! :O( It is breaking my heart --my husband keeps reminding me he has off hoildays and he is only going half days but it is still hard to let go!!!

I read your post about your little guy and his overzealousness sp? for his sister! We too have the same problem!!! I never could have anticipated how MUCH he would LOVE her!!! He had been an only child for four years and I was worried about jealously! That has not been the case at all!!! Someone said to me the other day you are so lucky because of their age differance they don't fight--well I did not want to tell them we have other issues!!;o) I have not posted this on my blog--but my sweet Caleb will not leave his hands off of his sister-- He constantly wants to hugs and kiss her and "help" her crawl! I am sooo incredibly blessed by this but however it is constant! We too feel as if we are always on him and I have been on my knees at night about what to do several times! I have worried what am I doing wrong here--I am sorry you ar having this too but honestly it is nice to know I am not alone!!

A mom came up to me in the grocery store and said my son does the same thing to his sister too!! Caleb was trying to hug the whole grocery ride! I knew God had sent her!!! ;o) If you figure this out or have any suggestions please please let me know --I am open to anything!!! my e-mail is

I kinda have taken over my hubby's e-mail!! :O)

Crystal said...

ps--I didn't realize how long that was I am so sorry!!! :O)

Erin said...

Ooooh first kindergarten days are ROUGH! You have such a beautiful family. Did you curl her hair like that?? Very pretty.

Scott and Leslie said...

As a kindergarten teacher, I know how difficult it can be for parents to watch their babies come to school for the first time. Let me be the first to tell you that it is much more difficult on the parent than it is the child:)). Hang in there! Glad that Alyssa enjoyed her first few days!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting us participate in the festivities! Ellie Grace was sure that we would be taking Alyssa to school with you everyday - she was sad to find out that it was a one time deal. Anyways, you guys did great - I hope I am able to relinquish Ellie next year as well as you have - boo hoo!
Watching Alyssa, happily, skip into her classroom, I could not help but remember that tiny little bundle that joined our family only 4 years and 8 months ago. The first niece and grandbaby - so little and sweet and in the blink of an eye she is off to school. Why does the time have to go by so rapidly???
These first five years have been such a joy to watch Alyssa grow and mature into this sweet little person! I love her so much and am so thankful to Our God for bringing her into our lives.
Enough, enough - I wish they didn't have to grow, but as we have said many times, as much as I hate to leave the current stage (which always seems to be the BEST) the next one manages to be sweeter still.
Thanks again.
Michelle (Auntie Shell)
I love you Alyssa :o)

LaLa said...

Awww...what a sweet kindergartener.

Anonymous said...

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