Saturday, August 04, 2007

What a difference two years makes…

Two years ago this week we sent in our initial application with our adoption agency. At the time, we thought we’d be getting a 10-14 month old little girl from India, and that the process would take anywhere from 18-24 months. Well, the 18-24 month part was right, but of course the 10-14 month and India parts were not! We laughed that God was leading us to India, because Dan and I had both always said it was the last place we would ever want to go. We laughed during the process because we thought we would have no problem with the wait. Since Parker was only a year old at the time, we figured India’s long wait times would be no big deal. However, once our hearts became invested in this new child, two or even three years started to seem unbearable – hence the switch. We laughed when we received Reagan’s referral to see that we had been blessed with such a young baby since we had already given all of our baby stuff to my sister. Needless to say, Reagan doesn’t have quite the set-up that Alyssa and Parker had as babies! And of course we now laugh every day with this sweet, beautiful baby girl who melts our hearts with every giggle. Praise God for His plan, which is usually different than ours, but always so much better!

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