Thursday, January 22, 2009

Before and after, part 3

Let me know if you guys get tired of these things, or if you're just as voyeuristic as I am. Posting pics here actually does provide a little motivation for me to actually finish my home decorating projects. I'm getting there! 8 months after moving in I still have 3 bedrooms to paint and my bathroom... well, my bathroom is a disgrace. For months now it's been mostly-painted, which is far worse than un-painted in my book. The walls are a soft gold, which I like, but the corners, around the doors, around the ceilings, around the tub and around the shower are still builder-basic white. The rolling part of painting is just so easy, fast and fun. The cutting in... not so much. So I have a feeling that I'll be spending a lot more late nights painting when Danny returns to Malawi in April. Funny how I get so much more done when he's out of town! But without further ado, my complete-enough-for-now family room and kitchen - "before" on the left, "after" on the right, in case (sadly) it's not obvious:

(wish I had a better "before" for you... the chairs are in the same spot)
Not too much different here I guess - paint, cabinet hardware, new faucet...

But this right here is my favorite part of our home: the view of my favorite boy playing outside the kitchen window.

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Leigh said...

I'm seeing a little Longaberger addiction here. We have something else in common!

Love the blue jar. Do you use that for tea? Water?

Thumbs up for the facet too. Good work!