Sunday, January 18, 2009

So much cooler online

Have you heard the Brad Paisley song? It makes me laugh every time... but then it got me thinking: am I cooler online? Not that I'm all that cool here, but I wonder if my blog is really an accurate reflection of who I am. The photos really are us. The stories of our life are ours. The ideas are mine. But I don't post the really unflattering pictures. I don't tell all of our less-than-fun or funny stories. My ideas probably aren't as original as I'd like to believe. I try to balance the rosy picture we'd all like to paint of our lives with transparency about things that I'm struggling with. But I know that I fail. I just wonder about the overall impression I give to those who don't know me in real life. There are bloggers I know personally who are the same here as they are at church, at school, or over dinner. I know others whose blogs seem completely disconnected from their reality (or at least my perception of it). And some who are so much more interesting and engaging in real life than they are on their blog. I've had the opportunity to meet a few people online first, and then connect in real life. I've been suprised to find that I didn't click at all with one I thought would be my new BFF, and throughly enjoyed others I didn't expect to have much in common with. I have a number of bloggy friends I would love to meet outside of the confines of text and photos but I wonder if it would be as fun as I expect. Strange new world here isn't it? What about you? Are you cooler online?


Lisa Spence said...

I am certainly...different a recent commenter saw fit to remind me, anonymously (of course)...but aren't we all? My blog is only a part of me and, for better or worse, doesn't reflect the whole of me. Sometimes it reflects the better part; sometimes the lesser. Strange new world, indeed!

Willis said...

Of course I cooler. Who wants to hear about my struggles and problems? I much prefer to keep it mostly rosy. Hope it's not hypocritical. . . just don't want to bog down aquaintances with the deep stuff of my life. I'll save that for the handful of prayer warriors I have. . my true blue friends.

Cool post. Really made me think.

Laina Diane said...

I know you in person and I think you're pretty cool there, too.

Heather M. said...

I'm not that cool on or off-line; I'm pretty real both places I guess. I'm probably more sarcastic in person...I really just use my blog to journal because I stink at scrapbooking & writing down things. I LOVE to take pictures of our kids, so that's mostly what my blog is. I'm trying to branch out in the photography dept. I'm sure everyone gets tired of looking at my kids! Maybe I'll try to think of something cool to say on my next post, but I'll probably fail miserably!!!
Heather M.