Friday, November 21, 2008

21st day of Thanks

Today I'm thankful for my camera. There's nothing fancy about it, it doesn't have a big lens, and it's not especially fast. But it fits in my pocket, it's always in my purse, and with it I can capture all the sweet and silly moments in my family's life. I recall being warned about how quickly you forget what it's like when your children are young. Now, only a year and a half removed from my last "new" baby, I know that it is true. Only because of photographs can I really recall what the little faces that occupy my daily life looked like a year or two or six ago. So I'm grateful for the abundance of reminders of all those precious days stored here on my laptop. Here are a few memories captured from the last two days:

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Anonymous said...

November and still in bathing suits? How great! In Texas it doesn't get too cold,but it is not bathing suit weather either. As always your family looks great! Where is the picture of you in your bathing suit?? :)