Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day 2 of Thanks

Today I am thankful for diet soda. Well, most every day I'm thankful for diet soda. I'm not all that picky about the type. I prefer Diet Coke from the fountain, Coke Zero from the can, but Diet Pepsi is great in a pinch and for a little variety. I fear that I've become a bit of an addict as I would prefer an extra large Diet to any other drink. It multiplies my enjoyment of most every other food. I find myself thinking about how I can alter my route through errands to accommodate a fountain drink. Dan is just grateful that I don't do drugs. I justify my vice with the reasoning that I don't require a daily coffee fix and Diet Coke is significantly cheaper than Starbucks, even in obscene quantities. So, while certainly not on par with such things as health and salvation, I am grateful for the sweet gift of carbonated water and artificially sweetened syrup, served in a big waxy paper cup!


M or J said...

I second your thankfulness! I'm glad to know someone else alters their route while shopping just to find a diet coke from the fountain. Once the craving hits I can't think of much else besides getting one. Also, every meal just tastes that much better with a diet coke. And yes, Coke zero is great too!

Heather M. said...

I third your thankfulness! A world without Diet Pepsi would be a very sad place for me! I'm so addicted it's shameful!!!

Heather M.

Chaotic Joy said...

This is so funny! I feel the same way.