Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful on November 19th for...

the little girl God entrusted to us 6 years ago today. Though I know she's still young, she seems so grown up already. My sister-in-law captured Alyssa here in one of her favorite poses: bent over a sheet of paper, pen in hand. Never mind toys, the girl is perfectly content with a pad and stash of writing utensils - so much so that for her birthday last year we gave her a collection of "real" office stuff. This apple has not fallen far from the tree! Studious as she is however, she has fortunately inherited much of her daddy's silliness, including a very contagious giggle, and is truly a joy to be around. Alyssa is dependable, affectionate, and more and more becoming a young lady I can talk with instead of to. But I love that she still wants me to tuck her in each night and check on her before I turn in. I love the little cheeks I get to kiss, the neck I get to smell, and the beauty that I get to marvel at, which is so much more than skin deep. I am immeasurably blessed! Happy Birthday baby girl!

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Laina Diane said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!
You are very much loved.
U.J. and A.L.