Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful, day 24

Today I'm thankful for TiVo. It's a pretty remarkable innovation that I don't think I could watch television without. 60 minutes of viewing in 40 minutes or less. The shows I enjoy, available at nap times for a little distraction in the midst of ironing, laundry-folding, paper-sorting, dish-washing... A pause button for when nature or duty calls. Rewind for when they call a little too loudly or urgently. Kid-friendly and Alyssa/Parker/Reagan-approved shows on demand (like when mama needs just 15 more minutes of sleep in the morning) in a format a 4 year-old can figure out. Family favorites available for when I can't read "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" one more time. Shows Danny and I are both into, ready for viewing when the kids are finally really asleep. Fast-forward for programs that just can't be endured live (think "Deal or No Deal" or college football - I love the game but just how is it that they can stretch 60 minutes of game time into 3 1/2 hours +?). Even "suggestions" for times when premium shows are off-season or gobbled up by a sick kid. The thing is amazing. If you don't have one, this should top your Christmas list! You'll be thankful too.

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Leigh said...

I'll have to second this blog! How did I live without DVR? Funny thing is that I feel handicapped because I can only record two shows at once. I am wanting the upgrade to four at a time. I can NO longer watch live TV...Deal or No Deal and Biggest Loser without FF would be true torture!

Your thankfulness inspires me...thanks!