Tuesday, November 18, 2008

30 Days of Thanks, part 18

I'm thankful today for Urgent Care. Unfortunately I'm becoming a little too well acquainted with the suture specialist at ours, but I'm glad to have a place where I can take the little heads that split open on occasion around here. I'm grateful for doctors with treasure boxes, a sister who could rescue Reagan from sharing our hour+ wait, and a very brave 4-year-old boy who laid remarkably still through all 5 stitches.


Rebecca Pierce said...

AMEN! I just posted about a similar experience...that's so crazy!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I'm sorry. I have been meaning to post to tell you I am enjoying your 30 days of thanks, but I guess "enjoy" isn't really the right word for today. Hope all heals quickly. Oh, and when our oldest son was 4, and fell and cut along the line of his lip--inside and outside, I was all upset about the scar I was afraid it would leave. An older friend said, "Oh, that just makes boys look tough and attractive!" I wasn't so much in agreement, but it did kind of grow out that way.