Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 15 of Thanks

I'm thankful today for a home that has been spared from the flames raging around here in a way I've not seen before. Bigger fires have certainly consumed the hills around us in the past, but the sheer number of homes lost in the past 18 hours or so is staggering. The fire closest to us has destroyed at least 500 mobile homes and 165 houses, including the homes of at least one, maybe two families in our Bible study and probably the home of one of my great aunts. Other fires have burned at least 100 more houses and several dormitories at a Christian liberal arts college. I'm thankful that lives have been spared. Selfishly, I'm thankful that we didn't have to go anywhere today. Glad that we didn't have to brave the traffic caused by extensive freeway closures. Thankful we didn't even have to go outside. Thankful for a family that I really enjoy being stuck inside with.

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Dania Efird said...

You guys are definitely in our prayers. My brother is at Camp Pendelton for a few more weeks and we've been worried crazy about him. Prayers that you will be safe and that your home will be spared.