Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving thanks on day 26

I'm thankful today that my Christmas cards are very nearly done. The picture is not fabulous, the printing isn't fancy, the stamps aren't Christmas-y, and the "letter" will not be particularly creative or compelling. They're not even real cards, just the Costco special. But by bedtime tonight they should be ready to go out the door, and that makes me like them very much. Please don't be impressed by my promptness - it's actually just a function of severe procrastination. I never got around to sending out "we've moved" cards back in May, so I figure I need to beat our friends and family to the punch so they'll have an accurate address for us. I'm not a month early, just 6 months late. And I love to get Christmas cards, which means I need to give them. See? Not a mom on top of things, just a selfish procrastinator. But a thankful one, which counts for something right?


Anonymous said...

Well I AM impressed. I"m a photographer and I can't even get my kids posed in a decent picture. I have the card, just need to get the picture and send them to the printer. And a family letter? Forget it! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rebecca Pierce said...

Mine are done too...and I echo your shortcomings. No Christmas stamps here, the letter is really uneventful because not much has changed for us this year,'ll see! :) I've enjoyed all your expressions of gratitude!